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NA 4 WhatsApp
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  • NA 4 WhatsApp
  • 79 MB
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  • V13
  • Nasser Aljaede
  • Android 4+
  • July 12, 2024
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NA 4 WhatsApp, also known as pink WhatsApp, is one of the most popular WhatsApp messaging applications. It is a modified and advanced version with premium features not available in the official WhatsApp. It also offers a better and enhanced messaging experience compared to the other WhatsApp mods.

One of the main reasons behind the popularity of NA 4 WhatsApp is its anti-ban and privacy features. 

Features Of NA 4 WhatsApp

NA4 WhatsApp has many advanced and premium features that are not available in other WhatsApp apps. Some of these mod features are described below.

benefits of using NA WhatsApp

Enhanced Privacy Features

NA 4 WhatsApp offers advanced privacy and security features to ensure that all your chat and other data are safe. It also uses end-to-end encryption methods, like the official WhatsApp messenger. This privacy feature allows you to control all the privacy aspects of your WhatsApp. You can choose who can see your profile photo, status, or last seen. NA 4 WhatsApp doesn’t compromise your privacy and offers better privacy features with every new update.

Enhanced Privacy settings of NA 4 WhatsApp

Easy to Use Interface

The user interface is one of the main reasons an app can be successful or fail. The user interface of NA 4 WhatsApp is excellent, with a pink color. Because of its pink color, This WhatsApp is also known as the pink WhatsApp. The developer of this app worked hard on improving its interface based on user feedback. The user interface of this app is so easy to use that even a non-technical person can use it without any problem.

Advanced Group Settings

The most common problem with other Mod versions and official WhatsApp is that they have group member limitations. On the other hand, NA 4 WhatsApp allows you to add more than 272 group members. It offers advanced group settings, which means you can fully customize your groups. You can pin a message at the top of the group, add a group profile photo, and manage who can send messages in the group.

Customizable Themes

Nowadays, people are bored using the default WhatsApp theme, so they look for a modified WhatsApp app with customizable themes. The NA 4 WhatsApp has more than 10 customizable themes. You can customize these themes according to your preference. However, its pink theme is more famous than other themes.

Download WhatsApp Status

In the official WhatsApp, you can’t download the status of your contacts. The Na 4 WhatsApp solves this problem by giving an option to download status. You can download the status of your contacts by clicking on the download button given at the bottom of every status you watch. This app enables you to upload statuses for more than 30 minutes.

Upload Large HD Files

With NA 4 WhatsApp, you can upload larger files than 100 MB. Moreover, in official WhatsApp, when you send HD files, the quality is reduced. In this WhatsApp, the video or file quality remains the same before and after uploading. 

Message Scheduler

The NA WhatsApp has many extra messaging features, such as a Message scheduler and bulk messaging. This feature allows you to schedule messages for a specific time or day.

Bulk Message Sender

The bulk messaging feature allows you to send multiple messages at once. This means that you can send the same message to 100 people with just one click. 

Note: Violations of the bulk messaging feature can result in a ban on WhatsApp. So, only use it for professional purposes.

Auto Reply

Auto Reply is another wonderful feature of NA 4 WhatsApp. Businessmen and professionals use this feature more often. When someone messages you, you can set an auto-reply so that he gets an instant reply. You can also set different auto replies for different queries.

For example, if someone messages you “Hello,” you can set the auto-reply to “Hi, How are you?”

Sticker and Emojis Pack

People use stickers and emojis to express their feelings while chatting. So, it’s very important for every messaging application to have better stickers and Emojis. The NA 4 WhatsApp has a pack of wonderful stickers and emojis that you can use for free.

Ad-Free App

People are tired of using WhatsApp mods with a lot of irritating ads. While chatting on WhatsApp, ads can be very annoying. Therefore, NA 4 has no ads and provides a seamless user experience without showing any ads.

Works on All devices

Most apps require some requirements to use, while NA 4 WhatsApp works on all types of devices. It can even run on a very average Android phone with a minimum of 2 GB RAM.

Installations Process of NA 4 WhatsApp

First, download the NA 4 WhatsApp app from a trusted website like Then, follow the instructions below to install the app.

  • After downloading the file, go to your file manager and find the downloaded file with the name “ Na 4 WhatsApp by nasser aljaede”.
  • Click on the app to install and follow the instructions of the package installer.
  • The installation will be completed within a few moments (depending on your device speed)

How to Use NA 4 WhatsApp

  • Go to your apps menu and click on the installed app with the pink WhatsApp icon.
  • First, you must give the necessary permissions to use this app.
  • Now, enter your WhatsApp number and verify it through OTP.
  • After that, you should enter your name and add a profile picture.
  • Now, you can enjoy using the NA 4 WhatsApp with its excellent features.

Below is a guide on how to allow installation from unknown sources.

allow installation from unknown sources
allow installation from unknown sources

How to Update NA 4 WhatsApp

If you want to check if a new update is available, you should go to your NA 4 settings and click on the updates option. You can see here if any new updates are available. You can also visit our website regularly to download the updated version of this app.


NA 4 is an amazing WhatsApp Mod with many premium features, such as privacy, uploading large files, auto-reply, bulk message sending, and many others. The app is totally free to use, without any ads. You should install NA 4 if you want to use additional features that are missing in the official WhatsApp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, NA 4 WhatsApp is entirely safe to use if you download it from a trusted source.

No, NA 4 WhatsApp is only for Android.